To make these changes effectively, several key challenges demand attention.

  • The gap between strategic goals and operational execution often leads to disjointed efforts. Teams primarily focused on delivery may not contribute significantly to overarching objectives.
  • Investments in new core platforms require measurable ROI to justify their value. Prioritizing use cases and establishing data accountability are ongoing concerns.
  • Lacking a clear data strategy and transparent alignment with business objectives slows progress.
  • Re-evaluating operational models and embracing new domains, like software development and self-service systems.

Addressing these challenges head-on, KI performance has consistently delivered transformative solutions for clients in the automotive industry, revolutionizing their operations and outcomes. Here are client examples:


Product-Oriented Transformation

KI performance facilitated a prominent automotive company's transformation by designing a product-oriented target model. Aligning explicit objectives with strategic goals, we streamlined development and introduced automated data processes for their online shops. This elevated the shopping experience and enhanced operational efficiency.


Strategic Data Integration

In collaboration with another automotive leader, KI performance developed a data strategy tightly aligned with both business and IT objectives. This ensured seamless integration of technology and business functions. Guided by this strategy, we aligned the platform's purpose and vision, forming the foundation for high-value data products.


Global Data Platform Revolution

Through collaboration with an industry giant, we spearheaded a paradigm shift by introducing a global data platform for vehicle products. With meticulous definition of the central data platform's business model, we transformed it from a mere technical component to a strategic catalyst, directly impacting business outcomes.


Operational Optimization

Through partnership with an automotive company, we optimized operations by evaluating use cases and implementing self-service analytics. Empowering the client to prioritize impactful scenarios, we established self-service analytics capabilities that lead informed decision-making processes.


Ready to Drive Transformation 

Discover how KI performance can empower your automotive company with customized data platforms, strategic alignment, and a culture of agility. Transform your operations and elevate customer experiences.

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